Belfast Lough Mono

Belfast Lough

It was a cold day, the weather forecaster said so; in fact snow was expected. There was a double header of Rugby on the TV. The Scarlets were playing Munster followed by Glasgow against the Hairsprays; er I mean the Ospreys, and with Ulster winning at Edinburgh the previous evening I was particularly interested in these two matches. So why would I want to go out into that cold February evening to take pictures? I suppose the simple answer is because that’s what we photographers do. So I packed the backpack with the Fuji x-pro 1, lenses, filters, hats, gloves, scarf and accessories and headed out to the shores of Belfast Lough with my tripod over my shoulder. A walk along the beach found the weather fairly bright but cloudy and I was just starting to set up for my first shot when the clouds opened. Both myself and the Fuji were well soaked by the time I packed up and found some trees in the nearby Hazelbank Park for shelter. After about ten minutes, during which I was able to consider the purchase of some new Fuji weather sealed lenses, the rain stopped and out came a beautiful rainbow. I quickly hurried back to my original vantage point and set up just in time to see the rainbow fade and disappear from view. However, all was not lost and as the clouds broke up, the evening light streamed across the wet sands to reveal the above shot. It was taken with the Fuji x-pro 1, 18-55mm lens at 18mm and the exposure was 1/35 sec at f11 ISO200. I also used a Lee 0.6ND hard grad filter to balance the sky with the foreground. I processed it in Lightroom 5 and converted to mono before exporting the final shot.


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