The Wide Boy!

Fuji 1-0-24mm

Fuji 10-24mm F4 Lens

Finally it arrived after a short period when it was out of stock. The Fuji 10-24mm F4. I had been debating for some time about going for an ultra wide. I nearly succumbed to the 14mm and even considered the Zeiss Touit 12mm but eventually I went for the 10-24mm. First impressions were that it was big, for a Fuji X series lens, but then again compared to my Canon L series F4 lenses it was a positive lightweight. Build quality is excellent and what I have come to expect from Fuji. It comes with a petal shaped lens hood and the usual cloth lens wrap. I had it out for its debut the very next day, which brought bright but very windy weather. The morning found me on the beach with the wide boy connected to my X-Pro1 and the Lee Big Stopper on the front. The quality of the this lens is excellent and the only limiting factor was me persevering with 30 second exposures in a howling gale. Even with my bag hanging from the tripod there was always going to be some movement. The shot below was probably the best of the days selection but any softness is down to the conditions and the photographer, not the lens. I’m looking forward to some better weather ahead.

Belfast Lough

Loughshore Park on the shores of Belfast Lough


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