Travelling Light with The X100s

There can be no doubt about it the Fuji X100s is a great little camera and most owners have come to love the fixed lens rather than see it as a limitiation. It is a great little camera for just getting out and about, so without a bag full of lenses to weigh me down I decided to see just how light I could travel with the X100s. Of course I needed the camera itself and in it is a battery and 8GB SD card.

Fuji X100s

Did I need anything else? Technically no. I could shoot with just that setup, but of course a few extras wouldn’t go amiss. So I added two filters, a UV and a Polariser. A short cable release, an extra battery and a couple of SD cards. Finally a lens pen and some lens wipes were added, in case a bit of housekeeping was required on the move.


So what to carry it all in, well I have several bags the smallest of which is the Billingham Hadley Small. But even that would be too large for such a minimal outfit. There was only one thing for it, I would need a new bag. Normally, I don’t need much of an excuse to acquire some new kit but another bag might just be a bit too far, so a quick trip to a local supermarket resulted in the purchase of a clear plastic zippered pouch, which holds all the above accessories and cost only £1.99. The photo below shows the entire kit ready to go, all I added was the leather case to protect the X100s and the lens hood, which comes in its own little pouch:-)

Fuji Kit

The pouch fits into the pocket of my coat and the X100s goes around my neck in its beautiful Fuji leather case. I have to say it is great way to travel light, without the usual accoutrements that us photographers normally travel with. It will have its first full outing very soon and i’ll post some of the pictures here.


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