English Riviera with My Fuji X Series

Brixham Panorama

As part of a recent tour from Scotland to Southern England, via The Lakes and South Wales, I recently spent some time in the English Riviera, around Torbay. It was an area I had never visited before and I have to say I was a bit disappointed with some parts of it. Please don’t misunderstand me, the scenery along the coast is beautiful and some of the little towns like Brixham and Totness were very picturesque. However, I have to say that Torquay itself, with its array of fish & chip shops, amusement arcades and pubs is definitely more “English Seaside” than “Riviera”. The weather was also a bit mixed and, with impeccable timing, we were just leaving as the week of hot weather arrived; ah well! c’est la vie, as they might say on the real Riviera! If you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll be aware that my equipment of choice these days is the wonderful Fuji X-System. I use two cameras the X-Pro1 with 10-24mm, 18mm, 35mm, 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses and the superb little X100s with its fixed 23mm lens. Everything, is carried in a Think Tank Street Walker camera bag along with several Lee filters and all the other accessories. I also brought the wonderful little “Rob The Traveller” bag by Millican, which I reviewed in my previous blog. This compact little shoulder bag allowed me to pack the X-Pro1, a couple of lenses such as the 10-24mm with the 35mm or, for maximum reach, the 18-55mm and the 55-200mm. Add in a few filters, memory cards and batteries and you have a great light weight outfit that could cope with anything I needed. At other times I would just carry the X100s in its leather case, stuff a spare card and battery in my pocket and go for a wander, it’s a very liberating way to photograph as you’re not constantly worrying about changing lenses and zooming in and out. I absolutely love the Fuji System and shooting with either of these cameras has completely re-vitialised my photography. The quality is also exceptional and it still amazes me how Fuji manage to make such a system that can rival anything from the big DSLR manufacturers. Below are a selection of images from my stay in South Devon. They were taken mainly in the area around the marina in Torquay and the Harbour in the beautiful little village of Brixham. I’ve concentrated on the nice views, which thanks to the Fuji X Series are the one’s that I will remember long after the noise of the bars and arcades have faded…



2 thoughts on “English Riviera with My Fuji X Series

  1. endless traffic jams and rows of awful houses.. yep, that sounds like Torquay. What a shame you didn’t make it further along the coast or up to North Devon, where we have gorgeous beaches, surf, cliffs,Exmoor and wonderful quiet villages..hehe maybe another time ! Regards Drew


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