Portrush & The Fuji 18mm F2R

When Fuji released the X-Pro1 they only had three XF lenses available for it; the 18mm f2R, the 35mm f1.4R and the 60mm f2.4R Macro. When I bought my X-Pro1 I bought the 18mm and the 35mm. Things have moved on considerably since those early days and there is now a very comprehensive line up of XF lenses available. While the the 35mm is still a firm favourite with many X Series photographers, the poor old 18mm has been largely forgotten and abandoned in many camera bags or upgraded for more glamorous glass. Indeed I often ask myself why do I keep it when I have the 10-24mm and the 18-55mm, both of which cover the same focal length, and as I rarely shoot it wide open, its f2 aperture isn’t much of an advantage over these other two lenses. Yet I just can’t bring myself to part with it. So what is it about this lens that makes me want to keep on using it. It is not the sharpest or fastest fuji lens available, it doesn’t have image stabilisation either and it isn’t weather resistant. However, it is one of the smallest and lightest of the XF lenses, it is also one of the least expensive and being a prime it has that lovely aperture ring with real markings. Ergonomically it fits the X-Pro1 beautifully and is a joy to use. But more than anything I just love the photos that I take with this little lens and I keep going back to it. I often just go for a walk with the X-Pro1 and the 18mm lens, add a spare battery, memory card and a polariser and it makes a great change from a bag full of gear. All the photos below were take with the 18mm at a local seaside town named Portrush, which lies on the North Antrim coast, just a short drive from the famous Giants Causeway and some the most beautiful beaches in the country.


2 thoughts on “Portrush & The Fuji 18mm F2R

  1. Lovely pics. You probably meant to label the 3rd one “Ramore Head” though as the area beyond here is called this (though at this point, just below Lansdowne Crescent its not technically Ramore). The Arcadia always takes such a great photo changing at different times of day, night, and even season.


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