The White Rock I

The White Rocks is a beach on the North Antrim Coast of Northern Ireland, just outside the town of Portrush. These photos were taken a couple of years ago on a beautiful summer day. I had left my wife sunbathing on the beach and the kids were having fun body boarding in the area of the beach patrolled by lifeguards so I grabbed my camera; in those days a trusty Canon 7D, with a 17-85mm lens and headed off to explore the many rocky outcrops that give the beach its name.

The White Rocks III

The further I walked from the main beach the more rocky and the the more interesting the coastline became, with rocky ledges, caves and arches. Unfortunately the tide was coming in so I had to be aware of getting cut off and stranded at the bottom of the cliffs with no way of escape; other than a coastguard helicopter. With discretion, being the better part of stupidity, I took one last shot and headed back to the safety of the beach; with the waves breaking around my ankles. When I looked back a few minutes later all the rocks I had been walking over and photographing were completely submerged.

The White Rocks

These photos have been sitting on my server for several years now and I had never really looked at them. A new iMac 27″ 5K and the recent release of Lightroom CC have recently seen me looking back through my archives for old forgotten shots in need of a new lease of life.


The White Rocks